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At All About Spa Pools And Service, we aim to live up to our name by providing quality customer and spa service. With over 30 years of Spa experience and knowledge, you can be confident you will be looked after and provided with the help you need. Our main focus at AASPAS is our customers and providing them with the highest quality of service we can give. Want to know what makes us different? Go on, request a quote.

Chemicals & Accessories

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Now that you've bought your spa, you'll want to make sure it's well maintained and balanced.  Take a look at our new online shop. You'll find what you need to get you on the right track with our high quality chemicals suited for your spa. While you're there, why not check out our wide range of spa accessories. You'll find everything you need to turn your spa into the life of the party, or your own personal day spa clinic.  

Spa Maintenance Tips

Empty your spa

Cost efficient and helps your spa stay balanced

Did you know that most filter cartridges perform at their best potential ONLY after 6-12 months of use? No matter how well you hose them down, you will never clean them 100%. This is because microscopically germs, bacterial body fats, calcification are continually picked up during use.
Problems that will occur if filters are not regularly replaced are one or most of the following:

    • Cloudy water and or smelly water
    • Motor straining to suck, heater malfunction, error messages
    • Jet blockages
    • Body rashes
    • Sore eyes and or sore ears

Many spa users are not aware of these issues and have not regularly replaced their filters. When their motor ceases and the heater does not work and displays error messages, 97% of the cause is the filter.

Empty your spa

Cost efficient and helps your spa stay balanced

Many spa owners leave their spa on and full of water during the colder months, even when they're not using their spa. This can lead a damage and cost you more money. When you are ready to use your spa again, it is best to drain the spa completely of water, and make sure that there is no water left in the pipes. The result will be that this water present in the pipes will turn to high concentrated levels of acidity, and usually tends to eat away at the heater coil.

Spa Filters

We carry all types of filters.
Email us the height and the width of your filter and a photo if possible and we can give you a quote on the filter you need.

Motor Pumps

At All About Spa Pools And Services we stock spa motors for most brand spa pools, including Signature spa motor pumps, Davey spa motor pumps, Spa Quip spa motor pumps, Sundance spa motor pumps and many more. We also service all these spa motor pumps and carry a huge range of reconditioned spa motor pumps. Call us for a quote and or just send us a photo of your spa motor pumps and we can advise you.

PH Imbalances

Low PH levels in spa water results in high acidity readings. At this low PH levels, your heater element and all other metal components will then fail. A good sign to notice that the water is low in PH is the tarnishing of plastic components, ball bearings in most jets seizing up. Get into the habit of weekly checking the PH levels.

Want to know how to check your PH level on your own? Check out our shop for an easy and effective ph reader.

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